About Us

Handmade Soaps & Skincare family run business with strong environmental principles

The story of our award winning handmade soaps & skincare family business begins in lockdown!

Living on a Mid Wales farm, we are a family with 3 children, 2 girls and a boy, who all play a part in the business.

We have experimented with homemade soap, fragrances, and colours at home for a number of years which we have used ourselves and the children have given as presents at Christmas and birthdays.

We decided to expand on this idea and take it forward starting our own family skincare business where we can to support our positive environmental ethos by avoiding the use of palm oil, preservatives, synthetics, detergents and plastics.

We package them in recycled/ recyclable / compostable packaging or tins to minimise any negative impact on the environment and utilise the increasing circular economy.

Martyn and myself make the handcrafted soaps.  We also ensure that we meet all the legislation requirements of selling cosmetics (which is what a soap is).  All our soap formulations for sale are certificated and registered on the cosmetics website.

The two girls are the social media gurus and also help to cut the handmade soaps. They are good with young people, ideas, and themes. During busy times they are experts at packaging and ensuring your soap is dispatched on time.

To complete the positive outcome from lockdown and full family involvement in our skincare business, our youngest takes all the waste paper, cardboard that we and friends create and shreds it. We use this as the packaging that you will find in your box containing the soap. The circular economy, a positive arising from lockdown.


On the skincareBOOtique farm we have set aside an area of land for tree planting, and rewilding.

We have also invested in a small apiary of honey bees, whilst taking care to encourage, and not crowd out, our native bumble and solitary bees and other insects.

We have won a Green Goal Award from UK Gov. Wales, Powys County Council, and Business Wales, which recognises our ongoing sustainability.

Don't listen to us, listen to our customers

  • "I really like this shampoo. It's the first time i've used a shampoo bar and right from the offset i was impressed. My hair feels squeaky clean. I have since tried other shampoo bars but skin care really have it cracked it my book! I bought my first one in Bishop Castle and consequently live too far away to purchase it from there regularly, but i was directed to the website and now i'm happy to have a source from where i am able to keep using it. Love it, thank you." - Susan

  • "Lovely to see you at the market again especially as I wanted to buy some more of your Body and Heel Butters. After having used them 'in anger', I can confirm that they are great to use on clients' feet for their reflexology treatments. Clients love how their feet feel and the beautiful smells. As a reflexologist they are fantastic to work with as they allow easy movement of my thumbs and fingers over the feet without the need to 'top up' during the treatment (unlike the vast majority of so called professional foot creams) plus they smell gorgeous" - Elaine, Mid Wales