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We have won several awards for our environmental stance, and for our products


Vegan Beauty Awards 2024

The Mango & Orange Body Butter from SkincareBOOtique is a product that I genuinely look forward to using. It's not only extremely effective, but it also has a special way of making me feel amazing too! Using it brings to mind the feeling of the sun's warmth on my skin, a wonderful, calming sensation that instantly boosts my mood!
I was already anticipating it to be super hydrating like most body butters are, but I was honestly blown away by its nourishing power. It works like magic on even the most stubborn dry areas and has been a lifesaver for my dry hands, elbows, and knees! And since you only need a small dab, it will last a very long time!

The uplifting, fruity scent takes the experience of using it to a whole new dreamy level. It's so irresistible that even my daughter can't help stealing it for herself. But you know what? I don't mind one bit because it has been crafted with high-quality natural and organic ingredients, providing me with the peace of mind that it's safe for my entire family.

Altogether, I can't say enough good things about this skincare product. It's a must-try for everyone! With its long-lasting moisturisation, clean and kind ingredients, and delicious fragrance, it's truly a winner!
- Louise Jane, CEO The Vegan Beauty Awards

 Free From Skincare 2023 Silver Award - Mango and Lime Body Butter

 Free From Skincare Awards 2023

Guilsfield based skincareBOOtique has won a Silver Medal in the Body Care (Leave On) category at the twelfth annual Free From Skincare Awards (2023) with it’s popular ‘Natural Mango and Lime Nourishing Body and Heel Butter’

The Free From Skincare Awards launched in 2012 to encourage and reward manufacturers of skincare products that are ‘free from’ many of the allergens, ingredients, additives and artificial fragrances associated with skin sensitivities, health concerns, as well as ethical, personal and environmental issues.

They were launched by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, founder of the Free From Food Awards, and Alex Gazzola, a writer specialising in allergies and ‘free from’.
Entry to the 2024 Awards will open in January.

Here at skincareBOOtique we are so proud of this recognition of our Mango and Lime Body Butter. The award supports our belief in the benefits of moving toward more natural products.Our body butter using organic Jojoba, and Lime Essential oil has been receiving so many positive comments from our fantastic customers, and now this!

The Free From Skincare awards have four testers who test products for four weeks; judges read entry forms and examine products at round-table judging sessions, discussing feedback from testers, as well as issues such as regulatory compliance. 

We have now received full feedback from the four testers who looked at the skincareBOOtique Lime and Mango Body and Heel Butter.

Here is that feed back reproduced in full as we relieved it.


SkincareBootique Body Butter BODY 04
I loved the aluminium screw top container that this product came in which is
great from a sustainability perspective. There are no instructions per se but the
the advice on the label tells you where you can use it. I looked forward to using
The product texture is a solid balm that is transformed to an oil in the warmth
of your hands. It has a strong pleasant zesty lemon fragrance which I really
liked and was completely appropriate for its use.
The product melted beautifully into my very dry elbows, knees and ankles and
was nice to apply after shaving my legs in the shower. It fitted in well with my
daily routine
I continued to use the product very successfully as a body moisturiser and
found it effective. It left a nice healthy looking sheen on my limbs.
I enjoyed testing this product over four weeks until I had finished the pot. It
was an effective and pleasant to use moisturising balm which helped soften my
crepey elbows knees and ankles. I also enjoyed using slathering it on my heels
at night then putting socks on to help prevent cracks
The product particulars are low key with no dramatic claims or promises. It just
mentions that it offers 'Natural nourishment for all skin types and is suitable
for face hands and body. Daily application will prevent cracked heels'
I cannot think of any improvements needed to this effective product.
A nice simple and attractive website with lots more product information. I liked
how the manufacturer had their key corporate facts highlighted on their home
page ie Made in Wales, No Palm Oils, No Animal Testing, No Plastic'. They
could do with updating their news section which has had no updates since
October 2022.
I enjoyed testing this pleasant balm which offers great value for money at only
£8.00. I liked the recyclable packaging and simple yet informative website.
SkincareBootique Body Butter BODY 04
I like the screw-top metal tin. This feels really solid and as I like to transport my
products for travel and the gym, I don't have to worry about leaks or breaking
I currently use a similar product from the high street so will be very interested
to see how this compares.
Wow - what a beautiful fragrance of Mango and Lime. I'm delighted that it
smells fresh and natural and in no way 'synthetic' or overly sweet. I'm also
impressed with the texture which is a true 'butter' smooth and creamy rather
than grainy and oily.
A little goes a long way and the butter sinks into skin quickly so it's really easy
to moisturise every day without much effort and the fragrance lingers on the
skin. I particularly like to use this in the morning as the zingy lime wakes me up
and makes me feel fresh.
My heels haven't shown any improvement in condition over the last few days
of use.
I'm loving the aromatherapy benefits of this product. It feels very happy and
bright and sets me up for the day after my morning shower in a positive way.
This also means that I am moisturising my skin every day because I enjoy the
way it makes me feel and this doesn't feel like a chore.
I can moisturise the skin quickly and get dressed immediately because it
doesn't leave me feeling greasy. My skin feels soft but perhaps not as plump as
when using a cream.
I have used the Body Butter every day for a month and there is still loads left in
the tin. I think this would probably last me 4 months which is great value. My
skin feels lovely and soft and there is a healthy glow/sheen to my skin. I have
pale skin so this sheen is probably not noticeable to other people but I would
think on darker tones or tanned skin this would look phenomenal.
I still feel that the moisturisation level is quite superficial and skin lacks the
hydrated plumping effect of a rich body cream and so for the last week I have
used this in conjunction with a body cream twice a week and this is the perfect
balance for me. This superficial absorption might explain why it has made no
difference to my heels. I walk a lot and so they get very dry but this butter
hasn't made very much difference to the look or feel of them. Having said that
I still love it as a body moisturiser.
This product claims to nourish all skin types and is suitable for face, hands and
body. I think that this is a great uplifting everyday moisturiser for the general
body. I don't feel it is suitable for the face as it is too oily and isn't nourishing
enough for the heels.
I think claims about the uses of the product are not quite right. There are very
few products that I think people use on their body and face with equal
effectiveness (especially a butter). I think that this is a body product.
Quite a basic website with clear ethics displayed. Good photography of the
items and natural plants. The brand doesn't feel very luxurious but more
honest and wholesome which fits in with the fact that it is manufactured on a
farm and not a factory which I think a lot of people will like.
This is a product that I will be buying for the summer as it gives a medium
hydration level on my skin which is ideal for these months (for winter skin I feel
I need a heavier cream at least some of the time). The fragrance is glorious and
sparkles and leaves a lovely healthy sheen to the skin for those shorts and t-
shirt days. Marvellous value for money.
SkincareBootique Body Butter BODY 04
The product comes in an aluminium screw top tub with simple black and white
labelling with a zig zag of pink across the brand name. I liked it simplicity, easily
readable inci list, and the fact you could use it from head to toe. I love a multi-
tasker and this seemed the ideal product to transition my skin from hiding
behind winter woolies to exposure to daylight. I was definitely excited to put it
through its paces.
On unscrewing the tin, the lime essential oil takes centre stage but not in a
showy off way more of a reassuring support. The fragrance is natural and soft
and not synthetic in any way. I liked the fact it looked like it had been dolloped
in the tin by a spatula and looked handmade. It was a proper solid butter
texture that felt rich and sumptuous on my initial back of hand test. The
amount of scent it left on the skin was just right and not overpowering it
mellowed further as time passed and would not compete with an application
of perfume.
The first time I used this was after an evening bath after a long, stressful day. It
was just what my skin needed and I enjoyed using it especially on the areas
that needed extra care such as my heels, elbows, knees and shins. It obviously
takes a little longer to spread than a lotion but not by much and the feeling of
nourished and satisfied skin is worth it.
There was nothing I disliked about the product.
I am continuing to be very impressed by this body butter and the skin on
problem areas continues to improve. It is lovely to use at night before bed and
a great last step to a pedicure and/or manicure followed by cotton socks for
bed. I found it to be really nice rubbed into my cuticles and after 2 weeks has
really improved their condition. The same can be said for my heels, one was
drier than they other for some reason and they are now both soft and even.
After a month I have become quite addicted to this body butter and look
forward to using it. I tend to use it more in the evening so I can spend a little
more time massaging it into my skin but a quicker application also gives good
results. I have done my usual little tests such as applying it to one leg and arm
and not the others to compare after application and there was a marked
improvement in skin texture, softness and moisturisation. I've also compared
them after sleep to see if the results last and they do. I've also applied it to
forearms at night before bed because I felt the smell helped me relax and fall
asleep. I did not use it every night but I also found it to be a lovely facial night
time moisturiser too. It did not cause any redness or breakouts and my skin
was super soft and calm in the morning. I also tried it on the tiny patch of
eczema behind my ear and again had positive results. I feel this butter can be a
one stop shop after a bath or shower and really can be used from head to toe.
After 4 weeks of testing I think this product easily ticks off its promises such as
'... natural nourishment for your whole body' and 'can be used on body and
face'. On the website it says,'...natural lime helps relieve stress, exhaustion,
and anxiety' which is maybe why I liked to use it after a stressful day, I
definitely found it calming after application.
I would not change or improve anything about the product. I loved using this
body butter and will definitely be trying out some of your other products.
When searching for 'Skincare Bootique' it shows up as the top hit which is
good. The website is easy to navigate from the home page and there is plenty
of information about the ingredients. The individual product ingredients for
the body butters are shown with a photo rather than listed in the description. I
could not find anything about delivery which I think needs adding. They are on
Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube and post regularly. I like the
videos of them making the products which shows they really are all handmade.
I think the price point is excellent for the quality and efficacy of this body
butter at £8/ 100g. I love the reusable tin and I can see it being used for storing
things like dried herbs, picture hooks, fuses, little batteries etc. The family
business was founded on strong eco principles with no palm oil, preservatives,
detergents and plastics. Further packaging is recyclable/compostable and all
products are handmade with no animal testing.
SkincareBootique Body Butter BODY 04
my initial thoughts were unassuming when looking at the pot however that all
changed when I took the top off... first of all it's true to form , just like a
snapshot of beautiful structured ice-cream frozen in time. It certainly looks
like it's ready to eat. I really like the fact it's held its form and looks
homemade with love which makes me feel excited to try this. The colour has a
delicate hint of the lime which heightened my senses and helps the lime pop
which brings me onto the best part for me of my initial thoughts, the fragrance
is absolutely divine, it's so fresh and the lime mango combination just really
wakes up my senses. This zest of citrus is really uplifting and I always always
take the time to take a deep breath in on opening and just enjoying the zing of
the lime and mango. That is the sign of a winning product to me. the appearance of the body butter was true to form and each one will be
slightly unique, all having the homemade feel which does immediately feel to
me that this is going to be natural and made with love. The texture looks like a
cream, in the pot it is a matt finish which again I really like, there is nothing
glistening back at me however, there is a wonderful reaction as soon as my
skin touches it, it turns into this delightful balm / oil type texture as the body
butter melts which makes this super easy to apply; it absorbs instantly and it
leaves skin looking well hydrated and smelling with the zing of citrus.
I've been enjoying using this body butter for a few days now, I still enjoy using
it as much as I did the first time. I'm in love with the fragrance, not
overpowering but for me I like to be able to smell it which I can. It's so delicate
on the body and light. Talking about performance, my skin is left looking
visibly younger, that is there are no dry lines or dry cracks on the arm where I
have applied the body butter. The youthful look lasts all day as I have been
comparing both arms at the end of the day and after a shower. Early
performance - I do like the entire process of using the body butter - the deep
inhalation I do before applying, to the magical melting point that makes this
absorb super easily. The results are there, my skin has a glow about it without
being shiney.
this is super hard to find something that i disliked. If I did pick up on one thing
it would be the butter starts solid as opposed to a cream and when you first
apply it goes on solid and then disperses as it melts. It's a tiny point but it
could put some people off.
I think the labelling could be improved, make me want to try this, give me a
reason to choose this over other brands because the butter inside is worth it!
I'm more and more impressed of this body butter I feel I'm just showing off
now. Already improving the skin without a shadow of a doubt on my test limb
- hydration lasts around the clock and keeps skin visibly looking better. I now
decided that I would up the ante, now strictly speaking I don't know if this is
permitted in the land of being a Free From beauty tester but my inquisitive
mind was interested in a test. Not just any test I was going to pit this up
against my favourite body balm which I must say is divine. It's L'Occitaine
Amande Body Balm. I applied this over two nights, mainly the 2nd night was a
checker - could I believe my eyes.
On both nights I applied first the L'Occitaine to my right arm where it melted in
and then I would apply the SAME amount to my left arm of the
SkincareBootique - firstly to note you need less product of the
skincarebootique. The butter just melted into my arm leaving it looking much
healthier and with a shine.
After 24 hours I reassessed the results and my left arm with the skinbootique
looked hydrated and healthier than the right arm. Hence the reason for the
2nd test. Again applied L'Occitane to the right arm and this time a little less of
the skincarebootique to my left arm. Again the results were the same
skincarebootique coming out the winner over a brand leader. A clear winner for me, my skin has changed over the month, it has improved where I have applied the body butter, even after a shower and without a further application the results are there. My arms do not lie. it says -"This body butter is very nourishing for your skin and can be used all over the body including your face. Made with natural Lime essential oil to help relieve stress, exhaustion, and anxiety, it is ideally applied before bed"
I most certainly agree with the statement the body butter is very nourishing for
your skin, it was for mine and when on working night after night after night. I
love that the lime has been chosen to help relieve stress, exhaustion and
anxiety. I would certainly agree the fragrance is uplifting and fresh.
oh wow, this is going to be a real difficult call, finding an improvement. You're
on to a winning product here. It's a delight to use and smells so amazing. It's
great to see this is a UK brand and the ethos behind the brand is so important.
If I could say something, it would be promote yourself - this body butter
competes with the big boys on performance yet there is no guilt just goodness
from being a totally natural product.
when searching skincarebootique it was no. 2 on the list of websites, no. 1 was
like the overall feel of the website. Was intrigued to see a build your soap box
and only thing I would say there is the images of the products are the same, for
the small, medium and large. And I would have put it in that order on the
website too, the first price we see is for the large and may put some people
off. So I think better would either be keep the images and do it small, medium
and large so people first see £12.50 which isn't so scary.
so back to the product in question on the website I really like the information
within the description, it tells you what it is, how to use it and why it's natural -
who it's suitable for. What I think would be nice to add is to tell everyone this
product is part of the Free From Skincare Awards 2023 and use the logo.
Maybe depending on how it does in the awards put a link to it from the front
I have a question about delivery cost as I can't see anything on the website.
FAQ doesn't have the cost. I put the body butter in the shopping cart to see if I
could see the delivery charge and it just said flat rate and cost appeared to be
zero. I didn't go through the process of trying to buy it.
I can see you also sell on etsy too.

i think i have proved this is an exceptional product, well it has been for me. I
really do wish you the best in the awards for 2023 and make this product stand
out on your website. It's been a delight to test, savouring every application. I
am finally going to enjoy now applying the butter to both sides of my body so
I'm covered in it.
The price is for me perfect, I wouldn't want to pay too much but I think it's
certainly priced very reasonable. Definitely worth the money and we all want
to spend our money wisely especially in these days. I love the awareness of
nature and the use of products has been carefully selected. What is not to


Newtown Town Council Silver Climate Award



Business in Focus Wales Green Goal Award







On the skincareBOOtique farm we have set aside an area of land for tree planting, and rewilding.

We have also invested in a small apiary of honey bees, whilst taking care to encourage, and not crowd out, our native bumble and solitary bees and other insects.

We have won a Green Goal Award from UK Gov. Wales, Powys County Council, and Business Wales, which recognises our ongoing sustainability.

Don't listen to us, listen to our customers

  • "I really like this shampoo. It's the first time i've used a shampoo bar and right from the offset i was impressed. My hair feels squeaky clean. I have since tried other shampoo bars but skin care really have it cracked it my book! I bought my first one in Bishop Castle and consequently live too far away to purchase it from there regularly, but i was directed to the website and now i'm happy to have a source from where i am able to keep using it. Love it, thank you." - Susan

  • "Lovely to see you at the market again especially as I wanted to buy some more of your Body and Heel Butters. After having used them 'in anger', I can confirm that they are great to use on clients' feet for their reflexology treatments. Clients love how their feet feel and the beautiful smells. As a reflexologist they are fantastic to work with as they allow easy movement of my thumbs and fingers over the feet without the need to 'top up' during the treatment (unlike the vast majority of so called professional foot creams) plus they smell gorgeous" - Elaine, Mid Wales

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Glanusk Country Store,
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Bear Steps Gallery, 2 St Alkmonds Pl, Shrewsbury SY1 1UJ

Lavender Hampers and Gifts, 1 Butcher Row, Shrewsbury SY1 1UW

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